2017 Symposium

Mythology, Women and Society: Growing the Groundswell

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Question for the Day:  How can the study of women and mythology contribute to our current conversations about women, justice, and society?   Globally, Goddess mythologies illustrate definitions and dimensions of societies rooted in balance, gender equity, and reverence for the earth and her creatures, simultaneously providing us with language to articulate grief and loss, joy and harmony. Join us to discuss these essential topics.

Venue:  We will be meeting at beautiful Pendle Hill, a restful setting designed for community building.  Plan to stay Friday and Saturday nights to join us for interest group meetings on Friday night.  There will be an informal film screening, a discussion of intuitive knowing, and a chant/dance group.

Keynote Speaker: Peggy Reeves Sanday, Ph.D.

“The Matrixial Foundation of Maternal Cultural Meanings in Myth and Ritual” explores matriarchic elements of Mosuo and Minangkabau cultures      Sanday abstract ASWM 2017

“In a world seemingly rushing toward extinction through sectarian violence and environmental degradation, disseminating matriarchic values of peace, partnership, balance, and respect for difference is a civilized response in a fractious world.”    Until her recent retirement, Dr. Peggy Sanday was Professor of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. One of the founders of the anthropology of sex and gender, Dr. Sanday is author of several foundational books including Women at the Center: Life in a Modern Matriarchy

Evening Concert: Anna Crusis Women’s Choir

For over 40 years the singers of Anna Crusis Women’s Choir have acted as agents of social change by empowering, challenging and uplifting audiences across the continent. “Anna Crusis Women’s Choir is committed to musical excellence and social change. We sing to celebrate the diversity of women’s lives and culture; to find communion; to nurture and sustain; to comfort and to heal; to open hearts and minds; and to struggle together for a just and compassionate world.”