Mission & Policies


The Association for the Study of Women and Mythology (ASWM) supports the work of those whose scholarly/creative endeavors explore or elucidate aspects of the sacred feminine, women and mythology.  Through conferences, publications and networking, ASWM opens dialogue among disciplines, individuals and spiritual traditions.  Scholars and creative artists in all media whose work deals with images of the feminine divinity, as well as those interested in the work of such scholars and artists, are welcome to participate in ASWM’s activities.


It is the purpose of ASWM events to bring together people of diverse disciplines and backgrounds, in order to develop and strengthen scholarship concerning women in mythology and the female divine.   Participation of all people from diverse cultural, spiritual, racial and ethnic backgrounds is encouraged.   We do not advocate or exclude any view, nor do we permit proselytizing.  Respect for each other’s views is essential for the success of our events and our organization.

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