ASWM Awards

ASWM began as an informal meeting in 2002, and since then has grown to an international organization that offers annual events, relevant resources, and member services.

In 2009 we began a program of awards to recognize excellence in the arts, leadership and scholarship:

  • The Demeter Award for Leadership in Women’s Spirituality is given on alternate years; past winners are Margot Adler (2010) and Charlene Spretnak (2012).
  • The Brigit Award for Excellence in the Arts was awarded to Layne Redmond in 2011, Lydia Ruyle in 2013 and the women of We’Moon in 2015.
  • Dr. Heide Goettner-Abendroth received the Saga Special Recognition in Women’s History in 2012.
  • Our Kore Award is given to the best dissertation in the area of women and mythology.

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