Who Are We?

Who are we?  We began as a handful of scholars and artists, many from the Midwest, who first met in 2002 to discuss our work in mythology and goddess studies.  The group grew over time and after a few years we concluded that the best way to advance such scholarship was to form  our own organization.

From the start we wanted to create a circle within which women and men with a scholarly passion for sacred myths about women meet—regardless of their “day jobs” or geographic locations.  The response to our conferences and symposia has been gratifying; we have found scholars around the world who share the need for community and support.

At present, the kinds of women (and some brave men!) who have joined ASWM include those who:

  • conduct research
  • create artworks or music
  • teach goddess studies
  • make documentaries
  • mentor students
  • write (plays, poetry, fiction, autobiography)
  • perform & create performances
  • pursue graduate studies
  • publish
  • translate primary sources
  • lead rituals and religious services
  • teach classes & workshops
  • lead tours to sacred sites
  • conduct/interpret archaeological studies
  • develop education resources
  • interpret contemporary literature and artwork

And this is only the beginning.  In ASWM, goddess scholars and teachers interact with artists, writers, ritualists—people on all creative paths—to bring myths and images to life for modern women.  We believe that we all have much to say to one another, and that sharing ideas and resources strengthens the work we do.

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