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Reflections: Karadarshanam

Karadarshanam By Gayatri Devi   At the first ASWM conference in 2010, my aunt Savithri and I led the ritual called Karadarshanam (“kara” in Sanskrit means “hand,” and “darsanam” means “looking, seeing, witnessing”) as part of the opening ceremonies for our

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Arieahn Matamonasa-Bennett to Speak on the Power of Place

We are please to announce that Arieahn Matamonasa-Bennett, Ph.D., will give the keynote presentation for ASWM’s Symposium (April 20, St. Paul, MN).  Her topic is “Honoring the Web:  Indigenous Wisdom and the Power of Place.” Arieahn is a Licensed Clinical

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Remembering Patricia Monaghan

In Memoriam Patricia Monaghan Patricia Monaghan, scholar, author, poet, activist, artist, visionary died early on November 11, 2012 after a two year journey with cancer. She was a Founding Mother of the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology.

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In Memorium

Dear Members and Friends of ASWM, Our co-founder Patricia Monaghan passed away last weekend following a two-year journey with cancer.  The loss of our dear friend is immeasurable.  We who remain to do this work are trying now to find

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Nepal’s “Living Goddesses” come to life in Miranda Shaw’s Keynote

by Joan Cichon, ASWM Board member I first read Professor Miranda Shaw’s Passionate Enlightenment: Women in Tantric Buddhism ten years ago, and I still remember how impressed I was with the depth of her scholarship and insights.  Therefore, it was

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“Things We Don’t Talk About”: Women’s Wisdom from the Red Tent

“Things We Don’t Talk About” is a groundbreaking feature-length documentary film that is currently being produced by filmmaker (and ASWM member) Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, as part of her dissertation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The film weaves together healing narratives

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Engaging Living Traditions

by Kathryn Henderson, Ph. D. Goddess Spirituality is eclectic in that we pursue scholarly research about female deity from traditions spanning time, cultures, and space and use that information in our spiritual practice.  We draw on many sources, ranging from

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Deity in Sisterhood: An Introduction

Deity in Sisterhood:  A Brief Introduction to the Collective Female Sacred in Germanic Europe ©2010, Dawn E. Work-MaKinne.  All rights reserved. Deae Matronae of the Ubi Popular imagination often portrays pre-Christian Germanic religion as stereotypically patriarchal and violent. It is

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Modern Matriarchal Studies

Modern Matriarchal Studies Week at the Academy Hagia by Joan Cichon This past July I was privileged to attend a special week long seminar taught by Dr. Heide Gottner-Abendroth at her International Academy Hagia ( in Bavaria, Germany.  Entitled “Modern

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A Note about Bees

by ASWM President Sid Reger ASWM’s mission is to promote the study of mythology.  Myths about animals are essential to our ability to explain our humanity to ourselves.  And they are based on observation of the wonders and magic of

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