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Green Goddess Conference–A “Life-weaving Web”

Award-winning poet Annie Finch, featured speaker at our ASWM Conference, reflects on the activities of the weekend: The ASWM conference was truly a life-weaving web–and a life-changing one for me. I have rarely (never?!!) read for an audience that “got” my

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History of Goddess Studies

Patricia Monaghan has written a series of articles called “Approaches to the Study of Goddess Myths and Images” for the Seasonal Salon, the on-line journal for the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, International.  The articles explore the contributions of pioneer

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Web Resources for Managing References

  In her recent editorial in Matrifocus, Sage Starwalker lists  these two great sites for managing, searching, and sharing scholarly references on the web.  Thanks, Sage! CiteULike a service for managing, discovering, and sharing scholarly references Bibster a

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“The Goddess Movement Beyond the Baby Boom”

One of the problems that has plagued feminist movements in the past is that one generation of “movers and shakers” has not found a way to communicate with the next generation.  In this informative editorial Sage Starwalker addresses cross-generational communication

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“Vocational Arousal” and Goddess Study, by Sid Reger

Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard coined the phrase “vocational arousal” to describe the thrill that occurs when you meet a person whose sense of purpose fuels your own. When we engage in scholarly and creative work, we are “aroused” into embodied scholarship.

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“New” Goddess Figure Puts in Appearance at Symposium

When ASWM members met in Madison, WI, on the morning of May 14, we could feel  excitement buzzing in the room even before the presentations started.  Several women had just heard about the discovery of a Paleolithic goddess figure in

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Mythic Images from Sadberk Museum

This is the place for some of our favorite mythic images–artifacts, art, and sacred sites–from members’ collections.

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The Bee Goddess and ASWM

This gold plaque from Rhodes (7th Century BCE) portrays a powerful goddess of the natural world.  Myths and reality converge in the mysteries of bees.  The facts of their life cycles and behaviors provide the basis for stories of communication,

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