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Reflections: Karadarshanam

Karadarshanam By Gayatri Devi   At the first ASWM conference in 2010, my aunt Savithri and I led the ritual called Karadarshanam (“kara” in Sanskrit means “hand,” and “darsanam” means “looking, seeing, witnessing”) as part of the opening ceremonies for our

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Lisa Levart Presents “Art, Activism, and the Goddess”

My own creative activism stands on shoulders of the feminist artists of the 1970’s.  Even after more than a decade of creating art that celebrates the divine feminine, it is my unshakable conviction that without imagery and words that reflect

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The Passing of Mary Kelly

We are saddened to report that our longtime ASWM advisory board member,  keynoter, and colleague Mary B. Kelly died in March of this year, at her beautiful home in Hilton Head, SC. Mary was a talented artist and teacher whose

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Illustrations Needed!

How many times have you read a scholarly work that describes a design or artifact and said, “But what does it look like?” As publishers cut costs, illustrations are disappearing from books.  As scholars we’re left with half an idea,

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Report on 2009 Symposium–by Storyteller Nancy Vedder-Shults

I want to thank the newly-formed ASWM (Association for the Study of Women and Mythology) for the wonderful conference they put on last Thursday. When I walked into the space, I knew I was in the right place, because of

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2008 Artists’ panel “Holy Wind: Making Art/Artist/Goddess”

A panel of three diverse artists was featured at the 2008 ASWM Symposium. Helen Klebesadel and Rae-Atira Soncea from WI and Sid Reger from PA presented work and discussed how goddess myth and women’s life cycles inform their art.

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