Academic Programs


Academic programs at the masters’ and doctoral level that support scholarship and creative arts related to women’s spirituality can be found in many regions and in many disciplines. Those described here are not endorsed by ASWM but have indicated openness to scholarship in this field. To have a program listed, please send email to

1.  The Union Institute offers low-residency and no-residency individual-focus masters’ and doctoral studies.  Recent MA theses have included ethnography of Asatru women and Egyptian ritual drama.  Recent doctoral work has included Germanic goddess imagery.  For information:

2.  Pacifica Graduate Institute:  As the only doctoral program in the country dedicated to the exploration of human experience through the interdisciplinary and multicultural study of myth, ritual, literature, art, and religion, Pacifica’s Mythological Studies Program cultivates scholarship, self-inquiry, and imagination in those who seek to understand and express the depths of the psyche.

In this program, one’s passion for mythological studies is invigorated and enriched by our esteemed faculty of distinguished scholars and inspired teachers who engage students in transformative learning with special emphasis on religious, literary, and depth psychological modes of inquiry through the influential works of Sigmund Freud, C.G. Jung, Marie-Louise von Franz, Marion Woodman, Marija Gimbutas, James Hillman, and Joseph Campbell. Graduates enrich their lives through the power of myth, and develop highly advanced and universal skill sets to succeed in wide ranges of professions in diverse fields, such as education, business, psychology, the arts, goddess studies, filmmaking, religion, politics, law, and community and environmental affairs.
For more information see Pacifica Mythological Studies.

3.  Sophia University . The two-year, 54-unit weekend master’s program in Women’s Spirituality at the Sophia University in Palo Alto CA offers an advanced degree for women at a pivotal “crossroads” in their lives. Our program is designed for adult learners who have a passionate interest in the historical, cultural, philosophical and theoretical roots of a women-centered spirituality as well as the practical applications that its research, personal exploration, and creative expression inspire. The MA program looks to enroll students who have an intellectual capacity to learn theory and engage in critical thinking, and the emotional maturity to work within a cohort-learning structure that relies upon personal integrity and mutual respect.

The program content and group experience empower students to find direction, self-authorization, authenticity and fulfilling life work. Our approach to learning appeals to students who find value in the use and celebration of ritual, creative expression, and community within an academic context and who seek to use this learning as a catalyst for change within themselves and the world.

For more information contact Annette Wagoner at or D’vorah Grenn at

4.  Maryhurst University. (near Portland, OR)  In the Marylhurst University’s Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) program, you will be supported in exploring areas of study without the confinement of typical discipline-bound graduate programs. MAIS offers four concentration areas—Spiritual Traditions, Liberal Arts, Organizational and Leadership Studies, and Gerontology. Many of its faculty members have varied interdisciplinary backgrounds with specializations in fields of study such as Women’s Spirituality, Mythological Studies, and Religion and Literature, in addition to more traditional disciplines. Recent MA theses that specifically drew upon mythology or archetype include Sky’s Body: Constellations and Medicine, and Bringing the Warrior Home: Addressing PTSD and Reintegration of Combat Soldiers using Archetype and Ritual. For more information about the program see: and/or contact department chair Susan Carter, Ph.D.: