Curriculum & Syllabus Project

Bee on Sunflower by Ginny Stibolt

Calling all teachers and faculty! We are pleased to offer an important new project–to collect course syllabi and units focused on goddesses, heroines, and matrifocal cultures.

We are collecting syllabi of exemplary courses offered at universities and in secondary schools that deal with goddess scholarship, matriarchal studies, or the use of goddess imagery or myth in creative arts. Syllabi and curriculum information will be shared in our online Resource Library.


This project began a decade ago with research by our co-founder Pat Monaghan. Now, in 2016, our project leader is Erica Starks, who teaches units on matriarchal studies at the high school level in California. Erica says,

I am very excited to curate the ASWM Curriculum & Syllabus Project. When I was searching for a Master’s Program, I knew I wanted something from a feminist perspective that incorporated spirituality, mythology and the Goddess. I searched for a program high and low and found the Women’s Spirituality MA program at Sofia University (which now, sadly, does not exist). Perhaps the ASWM Curricula and Syllabi Project can assist others who thirst for interaction in an academic community to find their niche.

 Join us to create this resource–complete the Curriculum & Syllabus Project form to submit information from your courses past or present. Thank you.  If you have questions or want to be added to an interest group for this project, please contact Erica at


2 comments on “Curriculum & Syllabus Project
  1. I teach an online course called “Gaia: The Earth in Myth” that examines the way the planet appears in creation myths around the world. Many of them, of course, center on a creatrix goddess. The course is in a competence-based program offering arts, creativity and social science science credit.

  2. Helen Dedes says:

    Designed Goddess Myth course taught online for the Women’s Studies department at William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ. I can send a Microsoft copy of the syllabus. Contact: