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Dr Elinor Gadon Receives Demeter Award in 2016

At our 2016 Conference, the ASWM Board of Directorspresented Dr. Elinor Gadon with the Demeter Award for Leadership in Women’s Spirituality.* The award recognizes Dr. Gadon’s lifetime contribution to understanding the cultural and visual history of religion and myth. With this Award, we honor

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Dr. Lucia Birnbaum Receives 2016 Demeter Award

Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, says of Dr. Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum “You are one of the most forward thinking, history conscious, and integrative thinkers… You are doing the work that truly turns the tide.” In a break with

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Donna Read Wins 2016 Saga Award

At our Boston conference, Donna Read, innovator, filmmaker, producer and activist, received ASWM’s2016 Saga Award for Special Contributions to Women’s History and Culture. The award honors Donna’s role in making feminist scholarship and the history of spirituality visible and accessible

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The Passing of Lydia Ruyle

Dear friends of ASWM, This is a sad day for all who love Lydia, and who have been touched by her beautiful artwork.  We will have more to say about her life and work in future posts, but for now,

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Abstracts for 2016 Presentations

2016 Abstracts_web   

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Conference Keynote: “Dark Ecology, The Bear Mother and Other Ecological Teachers and Guides”

Dr. Cristina Eisenberg will present the Saturday keynote for our 2016 conference.  This cutting-edge presentation will weave a web of connections among animals, humans, myths and foremothers. Dark Ecology is a post-modern philosophy based on the premise that there is

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“THE AMAZONS” Wins 2016 Sarasvati Award for Nonfiction

THE AMAZONS: Lives and Legends of Warrior Women across the Ancient World   (Princeton, 2014) It is with great pleasure that ASWM confers the 2016 Sarasvati Book Award for Nonfiction to THE AMAZONS for its power in reframing knowledge about our

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2016 Conference: What You Need to Know (with Links)

WELCOME to our 2016 Conference blog. Important links are listed below, or you may scroll through this blog to see all posts about the conference.  Here you will find articles about the program, presenters, and special opportunities. Our pre-conference registration deadline

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Who’s Presenting in 2016? Cristina Eisenberg & Cristina Biaggi

Cristina Eisenberg “Wilderness is one of our best defenses against climate change.” Cristina Eisenberg is Chief Scientist for Earthwatch Institute, a Smithsonian Research Associate, and science consultant for many prestigious organizations in the US and Canada. Her research has investigated

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Mythica: Photography Exhibit by Lisa Levart at the ASWM Conference

We are delighted to be able to present  Mythica, an exhibition of new work by award winning photographer Lisa Levart, at our conference in April. Since 2001, Lisa Levart has joined the rapidly growing Earth-centered, spirituality movement by traveling across America creating unique

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