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2017 Symposium Presenter: Annie Finch

We are a tribal species, meant to live in tribes.  At this point, anything that reminds us of our connection with each other is healing, and poetry can do that, through the meter and through the language and through the

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2017 Presentations: “Interactive Writing Ritual” with Annie Finch

Among the Goddesses: Interactive Writing Ritual for Healing and Justice This interactive writing ritual is designed “to provide participants with closure and catharsis as we synthesize the gifts of the 2017 ASWM program through imaginative transformation. We will open by

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Award-winning Poet Annie Finch To Lead Workshop at Conference

“Poetic rhythm is our birthright, a simple, complex, magical transformative tool as close to each of us as our own blood, breath, and skin.  It is a path to the Goddess in ourselves, a pulsing web that weaves us into

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Celebrating “Mary: A Life in Verse” by Patricia Monaghan

  On April 10 in Portland OR, we offer “Can the Blessed Virgin hold the hearts of goddess women?” Led by Michael McDermott and friends, the special event includes readings from the late Patricia Monaghan’s Mary: A Life in Verse

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2015 Keynote by Susan Griffin

“Who Is Telling the Story? A Few Remarks on the Mythic Imagination” The wondrous events and magic depicted in myth mirror the creative process of storytelling in countless ways. Using her own experience as a writer as well as that of other

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First Sarasvati Awards for Fiction and Poetry

This year, for the first time, ASWM offered book awards in three categories: nonfiction, fiction and poetry.  The award series is named for Sarasvati, Hindu goddess of the arts and creativity.   Judges for the fiction and poetry awards were bookstore

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Announcing the Sarasvati Awards for Best Books

Sarasvati Awards for Best Books in Women and Mythology The Association for Study of Women and Mythology announces the first biennial competition for the Sarasvati Awards for Best Books in Women and Mythology.  Two awards will be given at the

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Heart of the Sun: forthcoming Sekhmet anthology

The anthology  Heart of the Sun:  An Anthology in Exaltation of Sekhmet will be published this year by Goddess Institute Publishing.  The editors, Dr. Candace Kant and Dr. Anne Key, Priestesses of the Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet, describe

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