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Dr. Peggy Sanday To Explore Concept of “Matrixial” Cultures

“The Matrixial Foundation of Maternal Cultural Meanings in Myth and Ritual” Keynote Presentation, ASWM 2017 Symposium   “In my long term study of and stay with the matrilineal Minangkabau of West Sumatra, Indonesia—off and on between the years l981 and

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2017 Symposium Presenter: Annie Finch

We are a tribal species, meant to live in tribes.  At this point, anything that reminds us of our connection with each other is healing, and poetry can do that, through the meter and through the language and through the

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2017 Presentations: “Interactive Writing Ritual” with Annie Finch

Among the Goddesses: Interactive Writing Ritual for Healing and Justice This interactive writing ritual is designed “to provide participants with closure and catharsis as we synthesize the gifts of the 2017 ASWM program through imaginative transformation. We will open by

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Post-conference workshop with Vicki Noble & Julie Felix

WOMEN’S EVENING OF SACRED PRACTICES  with Vicki Noble & Julie Felix on the Cape Monday, April 4th, 6 – 10 pm Brewster, MA  Fee: $20   These times we are in are very challenging, especially for those of us who have worked

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“Water Children,” Film Reflecting Conference Themes

Water Children Special Film Screening at ASWM Conference (2011; Dutch and Japanese with English subtitles.) This hauntingly beautiful film by Aliona van der Horst explores the cycles of life and the mysteries of menstruation and fertility through women’s experiences of

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Award-winning Poet Annie Finch To Lead Workshop at Conference

“Poetic rhythm is our birthright, a simple, complex, magical transformative tool as close to each of us as our own blood, breath, and skin.  It is a path to the Goddess in ourselves, a pulsing web that weaves us into

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Who’s Presenting in 2016? Mama Donna Henes, Demetra George, and Judith Laura

Mama Donna Henes (“Mythology, the Matriarchy, and Me” & workshop: “The Story of Us”)     Mama Donna is a ritualist and award-winning writer whose work focuses on healing self, society, and planet. She designs and leads multi-cultural, non-denominational celebrations,

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Voices of the Mothers: A Ritual-in-progress

The arts of ritual are as old as humanity, and still have a profound impact on those who witness them.  We’re proud to include in our conference a ritual in progress, Voices of the Mothers, created by Macha NightMare and

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Altared Spaces Art Exhibit

ASWM member Barb Lutz, whose work is featured on the page Myth and Living Rituals, had first  gallery showing of her unique earthen altars (“shamanic creations of sacred space”) in Madison, WI, in May. These are words and images from Barb

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“Things We Don’t Talk About”: Women’s Wisdom from the Red Tent

“Things We Don’t Talk About” is a groundbreaking feature-length documentary film that is currently being produced by filmmaker (and ASWM member) Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost, as part of her dissertation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The film weaves together healing narratives

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