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Dr. Gala Argent to Discuss Horses and Shamanism at 2018 Conference

“Porous Boundaries: Women and Horses in Eurasian Epic Poetry, Shamanism,  Archaeology and Myth” Keynote presentation by Dr. Gala Argent “The roles of the horse within human cultures are complex and context driven. Horses may be domesticates whose bodies are eaten

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2018 ASWM Conference and Call for Proposals

“Scholarly Speculations:  Animal, Earth, Person, Story” ASWM Conference March 16-17 2018 Gold Coast Hotel, Las Vegas NV Our main theme will be explorations of animal and earth mysteries, with an emphasis on Native American and indigenous scholarship.  This year our

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Outreach Grant for Native American and Indigenous Presenters

We are pleased to announce that ASWM has received a special outreach grant for our 2018 conference. This will fund presentations and participation by Native American and indigenous scholars and researchers. Proposals will be read by an outside panel of

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Conference Keynote: “Dark Ecology, The Bear Mother and Other Ecological Teachers and Guides”

Dr. Cristina Eisenberg will present the Saturday keynote for our 2016 conference.  This cutting-edge presentation will weave a web of connections among animals, humans, myths and foremothers. Dark Ecology is a post-modern philosophy based on the premise that there is

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Sacred Anishinaabe Story Comes to 2016 Conference

The Story of Niibish with Ann Megisikwe Filemyr and Tahnahga Yako Myers   The Story of Niibish will be told, an ancestral tale of the long-ago handed down through the Oral Tradition of the Anishinaabeg peoples. Ann Megisikwe and Tahnahga

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Post-Conference Workshop: Exploring Horses as Living Myths

Horses have been a part of human history and cultures all over the world for thousands of years. Most cultures have religious or mythological traditions/stories related to horses. Jungian or archetypal psychology asserts that because of our long relationship history

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