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Conference panel: “Fierce and Beneficent Female Figures”

Fierce and Beneficent Female Figures and their Evolution from Prehistory into Modern Folkloric Witches and Fairies and their Enduring Iconography Many Neolithic cultures were equalitarian and matrilocal.  After the migrations of the patriarchal Proto-Indo-Europeans throughout Europe, South Asia, and elsewhere, the

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2018 Sarasvati Award Goes to “Sheela na Gig”

Sheela na gig
: The Dark Goddess of Sacred Power  by Starr Goode Published by Inner Traditions   The ASWM Board of Directors is pleased to present the 2018 Sarasvati Award for nonfiction to Inner Traditions for this provocative and beautiful

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Dr. Elizabeth Wayland Barber to Give 2018 Keynote

“Waterbirds, Water, Women and Place in Archaic European Lore” Dr. Barber’s works bring together scholarship from a wide range of sources to discuss such diverse topics as textile history as “woman’s work,” culture and migration, the origins of myth in

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2017 Symposium Presenter: Annie Finch

We are a tribal species, meant to live in tribes.  At this point, anything that reminds us of our connection with each other is healing, and poetry can do that, through the meter and through the language and through the

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2017 Presentations: “Interactive Writing Ritual” with Annie Finch

Among the Goddesses: Interactive Writing Ritual for Healing and Justice This interactive writing ritual is designed “to provide participants with closure and catharsis as we synthesize the gifts of the 2017 ASWM program through imaginative transformation. We will open by

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Award-winning Poet Annie Finch To Lead Workshop at Conference

“Poetic rhythm is our birthright, a simple, complex, magical transformative tool as close to each of us as our own blood, breath, and skin.  It is a path to the Goddess in ourselves, a pulsing web that weaves us into

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2016 Sarasvati Book Award

The Sarasvati Book Award solicits nonfiction books published during 2013-2015 in the field of goddess studies. Named for the Hindu goddess of learning and the creative arts, the Sarasvati award from the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology

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“Sacred Display” Receives Award for Best Nonfiction Book

This year, for the first time, ASWM offered a book award for best scholarly nonfiction, named for Sarasvati, Hindu goddess of creativity and the arts.  The five-person panel of judges included Mary Jo Neitz, Wendy Griffin, Chandra Alexandre, and ASWM

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First Sarasvati Awards for Fiction and Poetry

This year, for the first time, ASWM offered book awards in three categories: nonfiction, fiction and poetry.  The award series is named for Sarasvati, Hindu goddess of the arts and creativity.   Judges for the fiction and poetry awards were bookstore

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