2011 East Symposium Schedule

See bottom of page for link to presenters’ biographies with full descriptions of presentations.


11:00 Registration

12:30 Opening Remarks

Patricia Monaghan and Sid Reger

12:45-2:00  PLENARY

Living Goddesses:  Embodying the Divine in Buddhist Nepal

Miranda Shaw, Ph.D., author of Passionate Enlightenment and Buddhist Goddesses of India

2:15 to 3:45

SESSION I: PANEL   Patterns of Descent and Rebirth

Catalina Florescu, Ph.D.

Reinventing the Myth of Demeter

Stephanie Melmed, C.S.W.

Embodying the Descent Myth

Merry Norris

My Gift From the Goddess: EmBODYment

SESSION II: PANEL  Arts, Goddesses and Creativity

Lydia Ruyle, M.F.A.

The Embodied Goddess of the Western Hemisphere

Amejo Amyot, Ph.D.

Ancient Earth Goddess in art

Tova Beck-Friedman, M.F.A.

Translating Ideas into Images  (short films)

SESSION III:  WORKSHOP  Singing in Sacred Circle

Shelley Graff, singer-songwriter


SESSION IV:  PANEL  Word, Image, and Archetype

Responder:  Patricia Monaghan

Lisa Paul Streitfeldauthor, journalist

The Embodied Goddess in 21st Century Art

Lorraine S. Schein, M.F.A. 


Johanna Braff, Ph.D. candidate

Sappho 16’s Helen: victim of the gods or promoter of evil?

Leesa Sklover-Filgate, Ph.D.

Lost in the wild: The Ruptured Mother-Child Archetype

SESSION V:  PANEL  Priestesses and Sacred Mothers

Sabine Jell-Bahlsen, Ph.D.

The Water Goddess, OGBUIDE

Elizabeth Jacquet

Feminine Iconography in Etruscan Death Rituals

Iyalode Mei Mei Sanford, Ph.D.

Abundant Embodiment . . . in Yoruba Religions

H.E. Oloyo Aina Olomo

Primordial Mothers of Yoruba Spirituality

SESSION VI:  WORKSHOP Evoking and Remembering the Ancient Earth Goddess

Amejo Amyot, Ph.D.  (sculptor, educator)

5:30-7:30 dinner break

7:30-9:00 An Evening with Goddesses and Heroines

Announcing our first-ever Brigit Award for Excellence in the Arts, to… Layne Redmond!

Shelley Graff, singing together

Tova Beck-Friedman,  short film

Serpentessa, The Dance of the Serpent Priestess

She Who,  a capella chorus

SUNDAY, March 13

7:45-9:00 Networking Breakfast


9:00 -10:15

SESSION VII:  PANEL Re-membering Goddesses

Patricia Monaghan

Hail, Mary

Lydia Ruyle. M.F.A.

The Embodied Goddess of Anatolia


Holly Shere, M.A.

Wild Earth Shebrew:  A Devotional Chant Experience

10:30 – 11:45

SESSION IX:  PANEL Priestesses and Goddesses: Embodiments of the Female Divine in Judaism

Convener: Ma’ayana Gail Tishman

Sheila Shiki y Michaels

A Naos for Naomi

Rav Kohenet Jill Hammer

Traditions of Sacred Weaving Women in the Temple and Jewish Myth

Rav Kohenet Holly Shere

And We Will Be Shechina: Contemporary Jewish Priestesses and Paths, Possibilities and Pitfalls of Embodying the Goddess

Responder: Kohenet Mei Mei Sanford


Serpentessa, dancer

Belly on Earth, Snake on Skin: Woman as Embodied Goddess


PLENARY Research and Scholarship

Patricia Monaghan:  Report on Goddess Studies Syllabus Project

Sid Reger, Moderator:  Six Essential Questions (open participation)

Link to presenters’ biographies with detailed descriptions of presentations.


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