2011 Midwest Symposium Schedule

ASWM Midwest Symposium “Art and Inspired Scholarship”
May 19, 2011 Madison , Wisconsin

9:00 AM 

Jade River for Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, International

9:30AM to 10:45
PLENARY:  Art and Inspired Scholarship: Approaches and Applications
Denise Saint Arnault
The dialogue between sacred space and sacred experience:  Methodologies for the practitioner-scholar
Patricia Monaghan
Spiritual Geography and Goddess Studies
Layne Redmond (teleconference)
Bees, Frame Drumming, and Ancient Mysteries

11AM to 12:15
PANEL: Women/Ritual/Cloth
Devi, Gayatri
Clothing the Divine Feminine
Leidenfrost, Isadora
The Red Tent and Things We Don’t Talk About
Work-MaKinne, Dawn
The Scandinavian Norns: Spinning, Turning, Becoming
PANEL: Healing/Ritual/Art
Binet, Noris
Transmigration and Cross Fertilization: Art, Healing and Spirituality
Polidori, Courtney
Goddesses Enduring: The Empowering Influence of Feminine Cosmology on Indigenous Women from Pre-Colonial Times to the Present
Kim Duckett
Deep Calls to Deep:  The Wheel of the Year as an Earth-based Psychology for Women
Parker, Kip
“Nuts and Bolts”  Visionary Fiction Writing for Everyone
LUNCHEON (Networking and Resource Sharing)
1:45 to  3:00
PANEL: Women Artists:  Divine Images from Myth to Mirror
Moderator: Sid Reger
Laskowski, Louie
The Life of a Crone Artist
Weinbaum, Batya
Making Art from the Female Divine
Finger, Marcia
The Bee Goddess Quilt
Ruyle, Lydia
Video: Goddess Icon Spirit Banners
Mary Kelly
Goddess As Muse to Women Artists
3:15 -4:30
PANEL: Goddesses in World Culture
Noonan, Kerry
Gran Brijit at the Crossroads
Henderson, Kathryn
What Else, Deer Mother?
Matamonasa, Arieahn
Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman: Traditional Native American cosmology as key in reducing violence against women.
Nancy Vedder-Shults
Divine Inspiration
3:30 to 7:30 
Marketplace and Book Sales
4:30 to 5:45
PANEL:  Ritual/Theater/Poetry
Nan Brooks
Meaningful Rituals for Women
Lutz, Barb*
From Scholarship to Art of Ritual

Michele Monarch Williams
Poetry for Goddesses 
Anne Key and Candace Kent
Ceremony on Sacred Land: The Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet

5:45 to 7:30

Marketplace and Book Sales continue; dinner on your own

SheSings! chorus


Mary Kelly

Goddess. Women. Cloth: Inspired Ritual Textiles from Around the World

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