Matriarchal Studies Day 2016


Modern Matriarchal Studies Day

March 31, 2016


Plan to come a day early to Boston and enjoy the Matriarchal Studies Day seminar and celebration, in the same location as our ASWM Conference.   Hosts for the day are Vicki Noble and Letecia Layson. The program includes a presentation from Dr. Heide Goettner-Abendroth, founder of Modern Matriarchal Studies (via Skype).   Also on the agenda are explorations of woman-centered arts, themes of motherhood, and the Gift Economy. Presenters will include Max Dashu, Polly Wood, Beverly Little Thunder, and Genevieve Vaughan. The keynote presentation is by Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum, and evening entertainment will be provided by internationally known folksinger Julie Felix.

See the Matriarchal Studies Day agenda below or here Matriarchal Studies Day Agenda

The registration fee includes your lunch.  Follow the links to register:

$60 (before February 11)

$75 (Feb 11 to March 25)

$90 (after March 25 and Walk-ins)

For more information, contcact Joan Cichon at

Please note:  Matriarchal Studies Day is presented in conjunction with our conference, to the benefit of both groups,but registration for this event is not covered by registering for the ASWM Conference.

Matriarchal Studies Day Agenda

Burlington Marriott

Boston, MA

March 31, 2016



9:00     Opening Ritual / Julie Felix, troubadour

Greetings from Turtle Island / Kunsi Keya Tamakoce / Beverly Little Thunder



Herstory / Background of Matriarchal Studies:

Lydia Ruyle–Matriarchal Studies Conferences Intro

Matriarchal Studies Foundress: Heide Goettner Abendroth via SKYPE





Woman Centered Art, Drama, Music:

Constance Tippett—Goddess Timeline

Indigenous Stories—Beverly Little Thunder

                        Polly Wood–Blood Songs

Foremothers Book—Vicki Noble & Miriam Robbins Dexter





            Reclaiming the Matriarchal, Radical and Wild Motherhood Panel:

Mariam Tazi-Preve, Genevieve Vaughan, Max Dashu, Lin Daniels





Women Centered Future:

Vicki Noble—Oxytocin, Matriarchy, and Human Evolution

Erica Starks—Matriarchal Studies High School Curriculum

Genevieve Vaughan—The Gift Economy



Honorary Speaker: Elinor Gadon—The Village Goddess in India



Presenters & Attendees Discussion


5:00-7:30                    DINNER [On Your Own]




Keynote Speaker: Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum

Closing Ritual: Julie Felix, Troubadour


Our gratitude and thanks go to Lin Daniels, who helped Lydia Ruyle and Vicki Noble plan the Matriarchal Studies Day 2016. Thanks to Barb Lutz for building our altar.

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