Constance Tippett Brings “Goddess Council” to Conference


Cucuteni “Goddess Council,” replicas by Constance Tippett

Constance Tippett

Constance is an artist and creatress of The Goddess Timeline. She also makes graven images and will bring her replica of the famous “Goddess Council” for her presentation.

Women have been meeting in groups since the Paleolithic and they left us archaeological evidence to prove it. From Laussel, France, and Old Europe, to deep in the Amazon jungle, they carved on rocks and created beautiful clay tableaus as a visual language to record their meetings.

Were they deciding the fate of the tribe, synchronizing their moon time, deep in a shamanic experience….or just having fun? We’ll explore the grandmother’s Goddess Council by having our own.

Constance’s presentation, Archaeological Evidence of Ancient Women’s Gatherings, will give women the chance to see and touch her beautiful replicas of the “council” figurines.

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