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“Goddess in Art” TV Series

Social change inspires art and is also inspired by it. The work of contemporary visual artists, activists, poets and performers has paralleled the resurgence of interest in ancient symbols and cultures of the goddess. These artists, who intuitively seek to articulate long-obscured concepts of women and divinity, are able to interpret the ancient past to inspire new generations.

Mayumi Oda

Mayumi Oda in “Goddess in Art” TV Series

Produced and moderated by author and educator Starr Goode, The Goddess in Art TV Series includes deep and thoughtful conversations with a number of influential artists and scholars. These valuable and historic interviews are now available at (Thank you, Starr!)

We are happy to offer you this alphabetical list of links to make them easy to find. (Or, you may enter in the You Tube search box: Starr Goode The Goddess in Art TV Series.)

The Goddess In Art is a cable TV series that began in 1986 and ran until 1991. Dedicated to the Return of the Goddess, the series explored the legacy of this oldest tradition in art as well as feminist spirituality in contemporary art. The moderator, Starr Goode, interviewed scholars to uncover Her suppressed history and artists who were inspired by a radical re-imagining of the feminine.


Compassionate Goddess Tara, by Mayumi Oda

Each interview is approximately 30 minutes in length.  See Starr’s description of the content of each interview (The Goddess in Art.desc) and enjoy them as supplements to research or to inspire your own artworks.

Bio: Starr Goode is a writer and teaches literature at Santa Monica College. Her book, Sheela na gig, The Dark Goddess of Sacred Power is being published by Inner Traditions in the fall of 2016. Contact: starrgoode @ mindspring. com

Highlights from The Goddess in Art Series

Andersen, Ruth Ann

Austen, Hallie Iglehart

Canan, Janine

Castle, Christopher

Dexter, Miriam

Edelstein, Jean

Eisler, Riane

Emmer, Susan Gitlin

Gadon, Elinor

Gaulke, Cheri

Gimbutas, Marija (Part 1)

Gimbutas, Marija (Part 2)

Gimbutas, Marija in Voices of the Goddess (documentary)

Murdock, Maureen

Noble, Vicki (Part 1)

Noble, Vicki (Part 2) 

Oda, Mayumi

Sherman, Charles

Smith, Barbara T.


Sutherland, Joan Goddess in the Natural World

Sutherland, Joan The Triple Goddess in Art

Teubal, Savina

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