“Mythology, Women and Society: Growing the Groundswell” Schedule

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Mythology, Women and Society: Growing the Groundswell

March 25, 2017, Brinton House, Pendle Hill,  Philadelphia PA

8:00-8:30 – REGISTRATION (Dining Hall & Brinton House)

8:30-9:30  KEYNOTE

The Matrixial Foundation of Maternal Cultural Meanings in Myth and Ritual

Dr. Peggy Reeves Sanday, Professor of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania


9:45-11:15 SESSION 1: Motherhood in Patriarchy

Moderator: Marna Hauk

  1. Priscilla Hobbs-Penn, Finding Demeter: Re-Imagining the Myth of Motherhood for Millennials
  2. Carla Ionescu, The Myth of Athena/Medusa–Justice and War: The Duality of Women’s Roles in Patriarchal Politics [skype]
  3. Donna Giancola, Women, Land, and Eco-justice


9:45-11:15 SESSION 2: Biblical Heroines and Social Justice

Moderator: Joan Cichon

  1. Jessica Bowman, Riding the Spiral: Social Justice, Mystic Creativity, and Goddess Consciousness
  2. Caralie Focht, The Butch Goddess: A Queer Reading of Exodus 2-6
  3. Judith Wouk, Justice for Hidden Heroines – Delilah
  4. Hadassah Nechushta, Justice for Hidden Heroines – Queen Nechushta


11:15-12:45 PM  Networking Lunch (Dining Hall)


1:00-2:30 SESSION 3: Writing Workshop

Among the Goddesses: A Writing Ritual for Justice and Healing

Annie Finch


1:00 – 2:30 SESSION 4: Matricultures and Social Justice

Moderator: Gayatri Devi

  1. Mary Louise Stone, Empowered Leadership from a Motherline of the Americas
  2. Gayatri Devi, Mothering as an Imaginary of Political Peace: Mothers of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement and the Democratic Process
  3. Laura Zegel, Black Mother Within: Retrieving Our Selves from Racism and Sexism Through the Black Madonna


2.45 – 4:15   SESSION 5: Goddess Wisdom Righting Wrongs: Three Transnational Stories

Moderator: Dawn Work-Makinne

  1. Dawn Work-Makinne, Sibyl of the Rhine: Hildegard von Bingen as a Northern Wisdomkeeper
  2. Monica Mody, The Borderlands Feminine: A Feminist, Decolonial Framework for Remythologizing the Goddess in South Asia/Transnational Culture
  3. Irene Wolfstone, Indigenous Matricultures in North America [skype]


2:45 – 4:15   SESSION 6: Embodiment and Mysticism: New Sisterhood in the Academy

Moderator: Gayatri Devi

  1. Annalisa Derr, Invoking Inanna: Female Bodily Wisdom of Cyclical Renewal as the New Societal Model
  2. Gina Belton, Soror Mystica Wears a Red Dress: The Alchemy of Midwifery and Decolonization in Our Last Wild Place
  3. Megan McFeeley, Alone Together: Social Activism From Inside
  4. April Heaslip, Reinitiating Psyche: The Academy as Sisterhood


4:30 – 5:45 PLENARY: From Groundswell to Eruption: Transformative Justice

  • Cristina Biaggi, Volcano Goddesses
  • Lucia Birnbaum, Future has an ancient heart. case: Blackbird and Pear Tree


6:00 – 7:30 DINNER BREAK



  • Lisa Levart, Art, Activism and the Goddess
  • Anna Crusis Women’s Choir, Concert
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