Lisa Levart Presents “Art, Activism, and the Goddess”

Lisa Levart by_Myles_Aronowitz

Lisa Levart, by Myles Aronowitz

My own creative activism stands on shoulders of the feminist artists of the 1970’s.  Even after more than a decade of creating art that celebrates the divine feminine, it is my unshakable conviction that without imagery and words that reflect our female experience of the Divine, contemporary women will never see themselves for all their diversity, complexity and most powerful selves.

Lisa Levart is an award winning photographer and contributor to the Huffington Post, where she explores art, the divine feminine, women’s empowerment, and justice. Since 2001, Lisa has traveled across America creating portraits of women who are part of the rapidly growing Earth-centered spirituality movement, casting real women leaders as goddesses and heroines.

Brooke Medicine Eagle Photo by Lisa Levart

Brooke Medicine Eagle by Lisa Levart

Her book “Goddess on Earth, Portraits of the Divine Feminine” won the GOLD Nautilus Book Award in 2012. Goddess on Earth is also a traveling, multi-media installation that has been seen in a variety of venues across America. Lisa’s photographs have appeared in Fast Company, New York Magazine, Oprah Magazine, Time Magazine, The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Her passion includes photographing and supporting Maloto; a non- profit organization in Africa that helps feed and educate the women and children in northern Malawi.

Lisa’s special presentation for ASWM’s 2017 Symposium is “Art, Activism and the Goddess Movement.” Lisa will discuss and show the work of several feminist artists who have used Goddess imagery as an affirmation of female power and independence.

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