Altared Spaces Art Exhibit

Altared space–Barb Lutz

ASWM member Barb Lutz, whose work is featured on the page Myth and Living Rituals, had first  gallery showing of her unique earthen altars (“shamanic creations of sacred space”) in Madison, WI, in May.

These are words and images from Barb Lutz’s art show, “Altared Spaces,” which ran concurrent with the recent ASWM Symposium in Madison, where Barb also presented, and RCG-I’s annual “Gathering of Priestesses and Goddess Women.”

One entered the exhibit experience, which was dedicated to the Earth (“we will not forsake you!”) through a “Hall of Ancestors.” These words welcomed visitors:

You are entering sacred space.. . . You are entering the culture of a very special Tribe of Wimmin who honor and love the Goddess and who Follow the Wheel of the Year (the Seasons of Nature), the Wheel of Life, as our Life.

“Our religion is the Wheel. Our language, Ritual. Our tribe, Dianic….Goddess…. Amazon!”*    

Each elaborate display was visual and silent.  Barb chose not to add written explanations to the altars, instead inviting people to “simply and deeply experience them as an opportunity for an intimate conversation between each of us and Her. “

Barb had this to say:  My work as an altarist, ritualist, and creator of sacred space is done within the culture of my People, Goddess wimmin, in our Mystery School in North Carolina, the WOTY program, rituals, and other venues.  These altars are about my relationship to Her, from their conception to manifestation to the completion, when the dirt and sand and other natural items are composted in our garden or made use of in other altars and sacred spaces.

My inspiration is Nature, the temples and science and art of ancient Goddess cultures, my foremother’s such as archeologist Marija Gimbutas, other artists and researchers, my Priestess, and the wimmin I Circle with, who are also Nature. 


*from unpublished manuscript by Kim Duckett, soon to be serialized on RCG-I’s Seasonal Salon. 

Altar by Barb Lutz

Altar by Barb Lutz

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2 comments on “Altared Spaces Art Exhibit
  1. Lynne Sullivan says:

    I too have been experiencing Barb’s altars for the last several years in Mystery School and our WOTY studies in Asheville. Carolyn’s post above describes the experience perfectly. I can’t imagine how energetically awesome & spiritually awakening it would be to be in a gallery full of Barb’s altars. I can only imagine the shamanic journey they will take you on. Like Carolyn said, “It will be an experience of a lifetime!” If you have the opportunity, I strongly encourage you to see her heart-felt/spirit-inspired work. Blessed be!

  2. Carolyn Ball says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Barb’s alters for the last several years. There are absolutely no words to describe the experience you have when viewing her creations. I’ve seen her change alters for us two and three times a day and each one is different and unique. I’ve actually gotten so mesmerized by her work that someone would have to touch me in order for me to take my seat. Barb’s alters are much more than a creation of art. Her work comes from her heart and her inner spirituality. If you haven’t had the opportunity to view these beautiful and spiritual alters, don’t miss out on this opportunity. I guarantee you will not be disappointed in a single one! It will be an experience of a lifetime!