2012 Conference Themes, “Creating the Chalice”


Imagination and Integrity in Goddess Studies

The Association for the Study of Women

and Mythology

Biennial National Conference

Holiday Inn, Fisherman’s Wharf

San Francisco May 11-12, 2012.

Advancing our scholarship involves the evolution and refinement of our methods.  Suggested topics for this exciting conference will include, but are not limited to, the following lines of inquiry:

  • What are new paths for the field of Women’s Spirituality and Goddess Studies?  How creative can we be?  Are we inventing, reconstructing, or using creative license to reawaken and bring the past into the present?  How do we evaluate this work?  How can we use this creative work together with more “traditional’ approaches to advance our scholarship?
  • What are new models and methods for our scholarly inquiry?  Can we develop and advance our scholarship with methods such as Organic or Heuristic inquiry?  What is Spiritual Autobiography, and how can this be useful?  Sacred geography?  What else?  How shall our new methods be evaluated?  What are our criteria for solid scholarship using these new models?
  • What are the complexities around issues of Cultural Appropriation?  How do we understand and address the tensions around rootedness and local culture on the one hand, and issues of lineage and history on the other?  Are there new models of scholarship that honor history and culture while simultaneously enriching our scholarship?

Our goal is to include academic presenters from many disciplines and backgrounds, as well as creative artists and practitioners who engage mythic themes in a scholarly manner in their work.  Experiential workshops and a film series are also offered.  Presenters must become members of ASWM prior to conference.

About the chalice:  see Susan’s work at www.SweetwaterPottery.biz

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