Voices of the Mothers: A Ritual-in-progress


The arts of ritual are as old as humanity, and still have a profound impact on those who witness them.  We’re proud to include in our conference a ritual in progress, Voices of the Mothers, created by Macha NightMare and employing sacred goddess masks especially created for this event by  Lauren Raine.  (See below!)

At the conference you will have a chance to experience portions of this powerful ritual, which combines elements of rhythm, movement, and chant with scientific knowledge.  You will also be able to go behind the scenes to learn about the process or creating of a large public ritual that brings ancient goddesses into the present day.

Pachamama mask by Lauren Raine

Pachamama mask by Lauren Raine

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2 comments on “Voices of the Mothers: A Ritual-in-progress
  1. Merry Norris says:

    How exciting! Wouldn’t miss it. We use mask making for ritual story telling invoking the Goddess with Ecstatic Trance Postures.

    • gscholars says:

      Hi Merry,
      I remember how much I enjoyed your presentation at the East Symposium last year. We’re very glad you will be joining us for the conference!
      See you there.