Why Does ASWM Care about Social Media?

ASWM members are a widely varied group.  Some of us are well-established academic scholars, some are independent researchers with no support, and some are students trying to find an audience for subjects close to their hearts.

Likewise, some of us are in the boomer generation, while others, thankfully, are much younger and more likely to be computer savvy.

But any of us who do not know how to effectively share our work online are at a disadvantage these days.  We can’t grow our work if we can’t find others who are interested in learning from us and teaching us.

So we’re pleased to offer a conference session this year that we’re calling ”Skills for Scholars,” in which we give you a tutorial on wordpress blogging (it’s a free platform) and discuss effective use of social media to promote and develop your work.  We’ll also give you a peek into the member section of the new ASWM site, where you will be able to interact with other scholars all year round.

Bring your laptop and join us for this low-threat session with Alexis Martin at our 2014 conference!

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