Award-winning Poet Annie Finch To Lead Workshop at Conference

AF reading San Francisco ASWM conference (3)

“Poetic rhythm is our birthright, a simple, complex, magical transformative tool as close to each of us as our own blood, breath, and skin.  It is a path to the Goddess in ourselves, a pulsing web that weaves us into the rhythms of the Goddess in nature, and a moving dance of words that unites us in together in community. It is a tool that is needed now as we reclaim our connections with the Divine Feminine, with our own inner powers, and with each other.”

Speaking of our 2010 conference, Annie said: The ASWM conference was truly a life-weaving web–and a life-changing one for me. I have rarely (never?!!) read for an audience that “got” my goddess poems so profoundly–it was humbling. Overall, the quality of so many presentations was so high–and the content so amazing, so rich, so nourishing.

We are very glad to have her back this year to lead another of her popular workshops.  Poetry Witch Healing Wheel: an Interactive Ritual of Poetic Transformation will explore “poetic charms, chants, spells, and incantations are magic keys that embody, incarnate, and drive poetry’s power to enchant and transform.”

Annie Finch (Poetry Witch) is a poet, author, playwright, ritualist, and performer. She has published eighteen books, most recently Spells: New and Selected Poems (2013) and A Poet’s Craft: A Comprehensive Guide to Making and Sharing Your Poetry (2013). Her writings on spirituality appear regularly in The Huffington Post and her epic about abortion, Among the Goddesses, was awarded the 2010 Sarasvati Award from ASWM. Annie is founder of Poetry Witch Magazine & Poetry Witches Community, including workshops, webinars, and online training in poetry and spirituality.  She is currently completing her book The New American Witch.  More at

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