Kore Winner, Dr. Annette Williams, Joins CIIS Faculty

Here is the announcement from the CIIS Administration.  Congratulations, Annette!

It is our pleasure to announce that Dr. Annette Williams has accepted the position of Chair and Core Faculty in the Women’s Spirituality program.

Dr. Annette Williams holds a doctorate in Philosophy and Religion with specialization in Women’s Spirituality as well a master’s degree in psychology with an emphasis in Jungian and archetypal approaches.  Her research interests have centered on healing from sexual trauma at the level of the soul that involves reclamation of the powerful erotic (à la Audre Lorde) and libidinal energies (à la Jung) suppressed by assault.  An initiate within and student of Yorùbá Ifá tradition, Annette has had the privilege of lecturing on the philosophy and lived reality of this West African religion.  Her more recent research takes up the theme of women’s spiritual power and agency within the tradition with specific reference to the primordial feminine authority of àjẹ́.  Annette has also been a French/English translator and bi-lingual volunteer at sexual assault and women’s centers.

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