The Passing of Lydia Ruyle

Dear friends of ASWM,

This is a sad day for all who love Lydia, and who have been touched by her beautiful artwork.  We will have more to say about her life and work in future posts, but for now, we all pause to remember her dedication, intelligence, and generosity, and through our sadness, we celebrate her achievements and her loving heart.

Here is a joyful article about her “living memorial service,” a gathering earlier this month in her home town of Greeley, CO.


Aloha, Lydia.

The ASWM Board

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One comment on “The Passing of Lydia Ruyle
  1. bethehagens says:

    What a beautiful, graceful, bold woman. I will never forget the energy she radiated as she hung her works. Those fabrics charged the entire ASWM meeting space one year. It is hard not to be sad.