Presentation Grant Award Winner: Tahnahga Yako Myers

Carrying the Lineage of Keewaydinoquay: Everything Is Alive Animal, Plant, Land Forms & Weather Systems


Two primary oshkibewis (helpers) of the late Keewaydinoquay, an Anishinaabe mashkikikwe (Ojibwe herbal medicine woman) will be co-presenting a workshop to include Sacred Stories that express how human consciousness is in direct relationship with the consciousness of animals, plants, land forms and weather systems. We are linked physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with these other-than-human beings. Because modernity denies the reality of human interdependence and inter-relationship, much of this relationship resides in the unconscious. It is carried forward in our inarticulate longing, dreams, myth-making, art-making and through indigenous wisdom traditions that are beginning to influence the dominant culture (for example the mobilization of water protectors in North Dakota). The distinct awareness and deep knowing of our interdependence and interrelationship with nature may arise during a healing crisis. According to the Seventh Fire prophecy humanity is now in such a crisis. However, the existence of the sacred is persistent. Personal and cultural Sacred Stories transmit the knowledge that everything is alive despite hundreds of years of repression. This workshop will engage participants in a ceremonial circle for the purpose of awakening and deepening our experience as conscious partners with animals, plants, the earth and sky.

Please Note: This is an ‘all in’ workshop and we ask participants to come on time and stay for the entire circle. Migwetch. (Thank you)

Tahnahga Yako Myers

Tahnahga is a pastoral counselor and traditional healer in the Great Lakes region serving Native communities with traditional, cultural practices that support healing as well as the dying process. She is a storyteller, workshop leader, cultural lineage carrier, healer and herbal medicine woman. She was the seventh helper or oshkibewis of the late Keewaydinoquay.

Ann Megisikwe Filemyr, Ph.D.

Ann serves as the Vice President of Academic Affairs & Dean of Southwestern College, a consciousness-centered graduate school in Santa Fe, and is the Director of the Transformational Ecopsychology Certificate of the New Earth Institute. She is a poet and storyteller, a cultural lineage carrier, healer and herbal medicine woman. She was the fourth helper or oshkibewis of the late Keewaydinoquay.



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