Who’s Presenting at the March Conference? Nancy Vedder-Shults

Animal Oracles: Divinatory Practices for Tapping Your Inner Wisdom

Seers throughout the ages have used many types of animal, bird, and insect oracles in their divination. For this workshop, we will practice a deuchainn divination employed by the ancient Celts (a chance meeting with a creature, adapted for indoors) as well as animal mudras from India (special Hindu hand positions) as methods for tapping our inner wisdom. Such embodied oracles help us turn inward to develop deep listening, deep vision, and deep sensing of our insight. Opening to our inner depths in this way allows us to set priorities, meet challenges, and find creative solutions. This workshop is an ideal introduction for those who are just beginning to perform oracles as well as an opportunity for those experienced with divination to find fresh inspiration. Come and sink deeply into your inner knowing, fine-tune your life’s trajectory, and renew your connection with Spirit.

Named a “Wisdom Keeper of the Goddess Spirituality Movement” in 2013, Nancy Vedder-Shults, Ph.D, is the author of The World is Your Oracle: Divinatory Practices for Tapping Your Inner Wisdom (Fair Winds Press: 2017). This innovative book presents 40 multicultural techniques, 1/3 visual, 1/3 auditory, and 1/3 kinesthetic. Nancy writes for SageWoman Magazine and Feminism and Religion. One of her articles appears in ASWM’s Proceedings Volume II, Vibrant Voices:  Women, Myth, and the Arts. She also recorded Chants for the Queen Heaven, a CD of Goddess songs from around the world. Learn more at Mama’s Minstrel



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