Who’s Presenting in March? Vicki Noble

Indigenous Women’s Resistance: A Model of Embeddedness


Those of us involved in the field of Matriarchal Studies know that around the world, Indigenous women frequently take potent leadership in the resistance movements of their communities, often against extremely unequal and often violent corporate powers such as multinational oil and gas companies, large agribusiness monopolies, and State-sponsored entities who cooperate in the exploitation of land and natural resources. I have long been intrigued by the indomitable strength and fearless courage demonstrated by such women, even though they seem in so many ways to be less fortunate than women in the global North of European ancestry. Where do they get their nerve—their “empowerment”?

I believe the answer is their unbroken connection to Mother Earth or Mother Nature, including the lived experienced that they are part and parcel of Her body and therefore MUST protect the land, water, air, animals, and people—at all costs. And I believe that this “protectors” mindset is part of an ancient, shared experience of all humanity (before patriarchy) as “mother-centered” or matriarchal, valuing peace, harmony, ritual and embeddedness in nature.

Vicki Noble is a feminist healer and wisdom teacher, co-creator of Motherpeace and author of numerous books, including Shakti Woman and The Double Goddess. For decades she has traveled and taught internationally. Her books are translated ad published in various languages. Retired from teaching as a graduate professor in two Women’s Spirituality Masters Programs in California, she teaches regularly in Europe. At home she works as a professional astrologer and healer, adapting Tibetal Bucchist Dakini practices for her Goddess students and holding private intensives in Santa Cruz, California.

Vicki’s presentation at our conference is included in the Matriarchal Studies Panel “Motherhood, Resistance, and Matriarchal Politics.”

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