2018 “Winter Warmer” Film Screenings

Again this year we are providing the member benefit of special screenings for films by and about women. These films are accessible through the member section of our website. To get the 2018 member access code, join or renew and we will send you the code. To find out more about what we are doing, and to learn more about films we have screened, contact the ASWM film group.

Here are this year’s selections:

The Girl from God’s Country (2014), written and directed by Karen Day

In the 1920s, Nell Shipman was the first female independent film maker to pioneer the nude scene and advocate for animal welfare. Shipman wrote, directed, produced and acted in movies portraying women as self-reliant heroines. This film reveals the forgotten legacy of Shipman and a generation of female silent film pioneers, including rare footage of these women, including minority filmmakers Zora Neale Hurston and Miriam Wong. Geena Davis and women directors discuss gender-inequities Nell and her counterparts faced that perpetuate in today’s film industry.

The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen (2016), a film by Jennifer Abod

For six decades Angela Bowen, classical dancer and teacher, black lesbian feminist activist, and professor has influenced and inspired untold numbers speaking out as strongly for the Arts, Black and Women’s Rights as she has for Lesbian and Gay Rights. The film depicts Bowen’s life across the decades, from the early fifties, with historic footage, photographs and interviews. Bowen’s candid and compelling stories allow us to understand how race, class, gender, age, and sexuality played into her decisions and choices, her mission, and strategies for survival. Passionate Pursuits is intended to challenge and inspire diverse audiences to pursue their own dreams with tenacity and courage, but not for themselves alone.

Let’s Get the Rhythm (2014) a film by Irene Chagall

Music is central to our lives. Mothers soothe their babies with gentle rhythm and melody. Music is one of the oldest arts, a vehicle for learning, present in all cultures. Let’s Get the Rhythm captures girls’ handclapping games from inner city playgrounds and across the world… from every continent… and islands in between. Girls from diverse cultures – from Brooklyn to Tanzania – charm us as they learn and share while expanding their experience. Drawing attention to the social importance of girls’ games, the film features footage from far-flung locations as well as ancient Egyptian reliefs. Let’s Get the Rhythm accentuates the beauty of the beat with compelling observations on the empowering force on the lives of girls, women and humanity.

Once again we will have the films available for a month, until March 7. This year we have adjusted the times of our conference calls to include our friends in the UK. You may see the films at any time, and we hope that you’ll fill out review forms so that we will be able to share comments with the filmmakers.

The call in number is available on the member only page.

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